700 Series Glazes

700 Series Opaque Gloss glazes

700 – An excellent lead free, dinnerware safe, A/P non-toxic clear glaze, which is compatible with most commercially available underglazes. It has good tolerance for a wide variety of low fire pug clay bodies and rarely crazes. It was designed specifically for pugged clays, and therefore should be tested before being used on castware due to the potential difference in coefficient of expansion. If you are looking for a clear glaze designed specifically for castware, consider trying our 400 Clear or 800 Clear. We recommend applying clear glazes thinly (i.e. 1 to 2 coats by brushing) as it may cloud when applied too heavily.

701-763 – A wide range of lead free, dinnerware safe, A/P non-toxic colors, including excellent bright primary colors. These glazes require 2 to 3 coats by brushing for opaque coverage. In general, a more even appearance can be achieved by alternating the direction of brush strokes by 90? to the previous coat (i.e. first brush up and down the piece, next coat brush side to side). These glazes do not bleed together very much so they can usually be butted against each other without the colors running. We have deleted the following colors from this series: 719, 720, 722, 725, 728, 729, 733 & 739. We have added colors 752 to 763.